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Alex Clark


Born and raised just outside of Athens, Alex began his journey with Chick-fil-A Atlanta Hwy when he worked as a team member in high school. In 2011, he started as an Interim Manager serving at company owned restaurants. He continued with his path when selected as an Owner/Operator at a store in Port Richey, Florida. In 2014, he returned home to become the Owner/Operator at the store now best known for its Christmas light display, Lights of Athens.

Alex created Lights of Athens to spread hope throughout the hectic holiday season and create family traditions to last a lifetime. The journey began with only 5,000 lights displayed and now displays nearly half a million every season.

His passion to serve his community doesn’t end at Chick-fil-A. Alex, and his wife Kami, mentor many members of their community and continuously seek opportunities to grow and influence others. By applying the principles of honor, dignity, and respect, Alex seeks to foster a work environment that is positive, where the quality of life is enhanced, and individual aspirations are invested in.

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Heather Garmon

Director of People

Heather has been serving at Atlanta Hwy since 2019 and has been with Chick-fil-A for 10 years. Heather’s passion is to not only serve others but to help develop our team personally and professionally. With a genuine servant’s heart, she trains and influences rising leaders through our leadership development pipeline. As head of human resources, her role also focuses on growing our team members as well as onboarding, hiring, and recruiting.

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Paul Snellgrove

Director of Outside Sales

Paul has been serving Chick-fil-A since 2016. He has served 25 years in the restaurant business all together. He began as a new team member and developed quickly into our Front of House Manager for 2 years. He now coordinates catering and continues our growth into the Athens community. Paul’s passion is to consciously build relationships between Chick-fil-A and our local businesses and organizations.

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Rachel Padgett

Director of Marketing

Rachel began serving Atlanta Hwy in 2018 and has served Chick-fil-A for 9 years. She began serving as the AM Operations Manager and has since grown into her new role as the Restaurant Marketing Director. With her competitive drive, she pursues our sales and brand growth of the store as well as influencing our social media pages. For any fundraising or donation requests, please contact Rachel.

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Kyle Phelgar

Director of Financial Return

Kyle began serving Atlanta Hwy in 2018. After graduating from UGA in 2019, he continued with his leadership development at Atlanta Hwy. Kyle now oversees many of our facilities and equipment maintenance to ensure our operational needs are met and always developing. With a tedious heart, Kyle manages and develops our business goals to maximize our opportunities for growth.

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David Tafur

Director of Back of House Operations

David began serving Chick-fil-A in 2019, and has worked in the restaurant business for 8 years. He creates and develops our food safety and quality procedures to ensure the needs of our guests and team are met. In 2021, David helped lead our team to receive elite performance levels of food safety. In doing so, Atlanta Hwy was awarded the Guardian of the Brand award. David exemplifies how to lead by example and continues to help develop our store and team members.

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Operational Coordinators

Sydney Motes

Executive Assistant
Serving since February 2019

Katie Beth McMurry

FOH Operations Manager
Serving since November 2015

Kenzie Gilbert

FOH Operations Manager
Serving since January 2018

Roy Parker

Training Manager
Serving since May 2021

We believe that the strength of your leadership character is the foundation upon which you will build your future successes… and we would be honored to play a part in your story!

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can grow both personally and professionally, apply to Chick-fil-A Atlanta Highway today!